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Which of the following best describes TACACS+?

Which of the following best describes RADIUS?

Which of the following best describes Kerberos?

Which of the following security access control methods is best equated to the phrase “less is more”?

Which of the following security access control methods is best described as resource availability restricted to only those logons explicitly granted access?

Which of the following is not one of the three types of access controls?

Your company has just opened a call center in India to handle nighttime operations, and you are asked to review the site’s security controls. Specifically, you are asked which of the following is the strongest form of authentication. What will your answer be?

Your organization has become worried about recent attempts to gain unauthorized access to the R&D facility. Therefore, you are asked to implement a system that will require individuals to present a password and enter a PIN at the security gate before gaining access. What is this type of system called?

Which of the following is not one of the three primary types of authentication?

While working as a contractor for Widget, Inc., you are asked what the weakest form of authentication is. What will you say?

You’re preparing a presentation for the senior management of your company. They have asked you to rank the general order of accuracy of the most popular biometric systems, with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest. What will you tell them?

Which of the following items is the least important to consider when designing an access control system?

Today, you are meeting with a coworker who is proposing that the number of logins and passwords be reduced. Another coworker has suggested that you investigate single sign-on technologies and make a recommendation at the next scheduled meeting. Which of the following is a type of single sign-on system?

Which style of authentication is not susceptible to a dictionary attack?

Which of the following is not one of the four access control models?

Auditing is considered what method of access control?

What method of access control system would a bank teller most likely fall under?

Which of the following is the easiest and most common form of offline password hash attack used to pick off insecure passwords?

Which of the following is an XML-based, open-standard data format for exchanging authentication and authorization data between an identity provider and a service provider?

Christine, a newly certified CISSP, has offered to help her brother-in-law, Gary, at his small construction business. The business currently has 18 computers configured as a peer-to-peer network. All users are responsible for their own security and can set file and folder privileges as they see fit. Which access control model best describes the configuration at this organization?

Which of the following best describes challenge/response authentication?

What type of access control system doesn’t give users much freedom to determine who can access their files and is known for its structure and use of security labels?

As the newly appointed security officer for your corporation, you suggest replacing the password-based authentication system with RSA tokens. Elsa, your chief technology officer, denies your request, citing budgetary constraints. As a temporary solution, Elsa asks that you find ways to increase password security. Which of the following will accomplish this goal?

Various operating systems such as Windows use what to control access rights and permissions to resources and objects?

Kerberos has some features that make it a good choice for access control and authentication. One of these items is a ticket. What is a ticket used for?

What is the best definition of identification?

Your chief information officer (CIO) needs your recommendation for a centralized access control system to maintain all the users and associated permissions. He also wants to be able to use this system for a wireless local area network (LAN). In addition to the wireless LAN requirement, the network administrator has stated that it is not important to the CIO to have a system that will split the authentication, authorization, and accounting processes up; however, having the option to use UDP, SCTP, or TCP is a must. The CIO also requires a SSO technology that can support non-repudiation and authenticity. The CIO has stated he is willing to purchase more than one system to meet the specified requirements. Which of the following is the best recommendation you would give?

You have been promoted to security officer for a Fortune 500 company and are performing an audit of elevated privileges for the network. You observe that there are many members from the help desk that have privileges to various systems that they do not require to do their job on a daily basis. What best business practice does your company lack?

What does strong authentication require?

You have a homogeneous environment with multiple application servers. Your users are having difficulty remembering all their passwords as they complete their daily activities. What would be the best solution?

A security analyst has been asked to review permissions on accounts within Active Directory to determine if they are appropriate to the user’s role. During this process, the analyst notices that a user from building maintenance is part of the Domain Admin group. Which of the following does this indicate?

In the last six months, a company is seeing an increase in credential-harvesting attacks. The latest victim was the chief executive officer (CEO). Which of the following countermeasures will render the attack ineffective?

A system administrator is configuring accounts on a newly established server. Which of the following characteristics BEST differentiates service accounts from other types of accounts?

The process of presenting a user ID to a validating system is known as:

Which of the following is MOST relevant to include in a cost-benefit analysis of a two-factor authentication system?

What is the purpose of polyinstantiation?

Which of the following terms uses user account management, access control, credential management, single sign-on (SSO) functionality, rights and permissions management for user accounts, and the auditing and monitoring of all these items?

Which of the following best describes the function of the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML)?

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