Yogesh Agarwal

Yogesh Agarwal, Mentor

Yogesh is the co-founder of RightCue Assurance, a cyber security consulting firm based in the UK. Yogesh brings an excellent combination of academics, business strategy and technical expertise to the complex world of information security. An accountant, a fraud examiner and a qualified IT, risk and privacy professional, Yogesh’s calm and pragmatic approach has earned him a reputation for high-class customer service and excellent problem-solving. Yogesh started his cyber security journey with PwC as a senior consultant. He has worked across technology, fintech, public sector, defence, and electronics over last 17 years successfully delivering complex projects across the globe and is widely recognised as a problem solver and a solution finder.He believes that Information Security should work as a business enabler rather than a jargon-heavy, compliance-oriented and an unavoidable cost to the business. His ability to convey this message in a plain language has landed him several opportunities to brief C- level executives and professional audiences on the topics of cyber-crime, data privacy, corporate frauds and business resilience as well as on specialist subjects of ERP security and investigative audits. He has managed resolutions to major security incidents for his clients and successfully steered his way through regulations, compliance and law-enforcement and brings rich pickings of real-life experiences and lessons learnt across a broad spectrum of clients.

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